"Managing a World of Services"  


WMI offers a variety of service-related positions and are always looking to add value to our team.

Our internal training program focuses on teaching you the skills and processes that have helped many of our employees starting out as a janitor, cashier, security officer or building engineer grow into various management roles throughout the company, leading to rewarding careers.

With offices and client locations located throughout the country, a job as a IT Specialist, Janitor, Cashier, Security Officer/Guard, Landscaper, and many other positions is available right around the corner from where you live. To inquire about jobs near you, contact the Main office (314) 426-9077 for available opportunities.

How Do I Apply for a Position?

To apply for a position, contact the Main Office, indicate location of desired employment, and submit your application as directed.

Thank you for considering a career at WMI!

What if I'm already an WMI Employee, and have questions?

You can call the Main Office directly at (314) 426-9077.


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